Company Profile: Jefferson State Financial Group, Inc.

Mary Reynolds

Insurance Producer/Business Owner

Oregon = #7495587

Mary is a compassionate, caring person whose mission has been to be of service to others. Her talent for listening and analyzing makes her career path perfect for her. She enjoys helping clients understand the complexities of the myriad insurance products so they can make informed decisions about protecting their financial futures with the best product for them.

She cares so much for her community and clients that she spends time helping those that need it find subsidies to help them pay for their health insurance coverage. If Mary cannot match the right product to her clients she willingly refers them to others.

Mary lives in Cave Junction. She has held and holds various non-profit organization board positions including: Illinois Valley Community Response Team Director 2003-2004 & 2011-present, Illinois Valley Pool Committee Director 2006-2007, Illinois Valley Booster Club President 2006-2007. She is a Charter member of the Rotary Club of the Illinois Valley.